Harper's Weekly 10/14/1865


Rev. Dr. Francis Wayland, who was more than 28 years
President of Brown University, was prostrated by a para-
lytic stroke on Tuesday, the 26th ult., and died on the
next Saturday afternoon, at 5˝ o'clock, aged 69 years.

The venerable William J. Duane died on the 26th ult.,
in Philadelphia, at the age of 85. He was Secretary of
the Treasury under President Jackson, and stubbornly re-
fused to “remove the deposits” of Government money from
the United States Bank.

The official statement of the public debt up to the 30th
of September last shows a decrease since the last state-
ment of nearly $12,742,000, and of interest over $500,000,
and also a reduction of $6,012,000 of the legal-tender notes
in circulation. There is a decrease of nearly $12,700,000
of coin, as compared with the August statement, and an
increase of $13,454,157 of currency.

The merchants of Chicago are making an effort to pre-
sent General Sherman with Thomas Nast's celebrated
painting, “Sherman's March through Georgia.”

Every county but Windham in connecticut votes
against negro suffrage.

W. S. M`Cormick, the inventor of the famous reaping
machine now generally used in the Western prairies, and
by which he made an immense fortune, died lately in the
Illinois State Lunatic Asylum. He was a native of Vir-
ginia, and was one of the most enterprising of the citizens
and radical of the Republicans of Chicago.

According to the report of the naval engineers, the
Winooski and Algonquin were about equal as regards
economy of fuel, while the working of the former vessel
was considered the more satisfactory.

Colonel Wells, Superintendent of the Southern Indians,
made an important treaty with the Osage tribe at their
council grounds, one hundred miles from Die, September
29. The Osages cede about 1,000,000 acres, for which the
Government pays $300,000. About 2,000,000 of acres are
also ceded from the north side of their reservation, to be
in trust for the Indians.

Brevet Brigadier-General Briscoe, in command of the
Lynchburg military district, was arrested in Lynchburg,
September 29, in the act of attempting to rob the Govern-
ment of $82,000.

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