Harper's Weekly 12/29/1866


December 11:

In the Senate, Mr. Wade, from the Committee on
Territories, reported the bill for the admission of Col-
orado, with a favorable recommendation.

In the House, the bill for the regulation of appoint-
ments to and removals from office came up as the spe-
cial order. Various amendments were offered and dis-
cussed, among them one by Mr. Stevens, providing that
when any person shall be nominated for an office by
the President and rejected by the Senate, such person
shall be ineligible for any office under the Govern-
ment for one year. This was rejected by a vote of 18
yeas to 132 nays.

December 12:

In the Senate, the bill to regulate the elective fran-
chise in the District of Columbia was debated, and an
amendment extending the suffrage to females was re-
jected, 9 to 37.

December 13:

In the Senate, in debate on the District of Columbia
Suffrage bill, Mr. Dixon's amendment, requiring that
voters shall be able to read and to write their names
was rejected. The bill was then passed, 32 to 13.

In the House, the Deficiency Bill was passed. A
concurrent resolution was passed to take a recess from
Thursday, the 20th of December, to Thursday, the 3d
of January.

December 14:

In the Senate, the Deficiency bill was passed.—It
was voted to adjourn on the 20th till January 3.

In the House, Mr. Shellabarger presented a memorial
from the loyal people of Louisiana, asking Congress
to establish, under the care of the United States, a
Government for that State. The document is signed
by the Governor and several thousand electors of
Louisiana. It was referred to the Select Committee
on the New Orleans riots.—The Senate bill, granting
universal suffrage in the District of Columbia, was
taken up and passed by a vote of 118 to 46.

December 17:

In the Senate, the usual honors were paid to the
memory of Senator Wright.

In the House, a translation of the letter from the
Emperor of Russia, acknowledging the joint resolu-
tion congratulating him on his escape from assassina-
tion, was read and applauded.

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