Harper's Weekly 01/26/1867


The Senate, on January 8, by resolution, made in-
quiry of President Johnson if violations of the Civil
Rights bill had come to his knowledge, and if so, had
steps been taken to punish the offenders. On the 9th
of January the bill to admit Nebraska as a State, aft-
er being amended to impose negro suffrage as a con-
dition, was passed by a vote of 24 yeas to 15 nays.
The Colorado admission bill, involving the same suf-
frage condition, was also passed. On the 10th the
Senate passed the bill prohibiting the denial of civil
or political rights in the Territories on account of col-
or. The House concurred in this vote, and the bill
was sent to the President for his approval. The bill
changing the time of the regular meeting of Congress
to the 4th of March was also passed by the same body
and sent to the House, which body also adopted it, and
forwarded it to the President for his approval. No-
thing further of importance was transacted up to the
15th inst., at which time our record ends.

The House of Representatives, on January 8, refused
to adjourn to celebrate the anniversary of New Orleans
in the usual way, and commemorated it by passing the
District Suffrage bill over the veto of the President by
a vote of 113 yeas to 38 nays. The bill is now a law.
On the same day the House passed an act declaring,
in effect, that any judge, misconstruing the intent and
purposes of the thirteenth amendment to the Consti-
tution as to find warrant in it for the sale of negroes
into slavery for misdemeanors, shall be punished by
two years' imprisonment or $10,000 fine. Seven Dem-
ocrats voted with the Republicans for this act. On
the 14th inst. Mr. Loan, of Missouri, renewing the
question of the impeachment of the President, sug-
gested, in the course of his speech, that Mr. Johnson
was privy to the assassination of President Lincoln.
A resolution suspending payment to loyal owners of
slaves who volunteered in the army was passed by
107 yeas to 35 nays.

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