Harper's Weekly 02/23/1867


The Bankrupt bill was lost in the Senate, on Feb-
ruary 5, by a vote of 22 nays to 20 years: but a recon-
sideration was had on February 9, and the bill is
again open for consideration.

Senator Dixon, on February 6, offered in the Senate
constitutional amendments said to have been approved
by and submitted at the request of President Johnson,
which provided for the payment of the war debt of the
United States, the repudiation of the rebel war debt,
and granting negro suffrage with property and educa-
tional restrictions. No action has as yet been had on

The bill to admit Nebraska as a State passed the
Senate over the President's veto by a vote of 31 yeas
to 9 nays, and the House by a vote of 120 yeas to 44

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