Harper's Weekly 06/22/1867


Washington City witnessed, on June 3, an-
other curious scene illustrative of the progressive
spirit of the times. For the second time in its
history the colored citizens assisted in the muni-
cipal election. We give on this page a view at
one of the polling-places at which a negro man
was one of the Judges, and from all accounts a
smart one he proved. In fact the whole colored
race in Washington appears to have appreciated
its privilege on this occasion. The colored men
gathered in long lines before the polls as early
as two o'clock on the morning of the election,
and waited patiently for an opportunity to vote.
Many who entered the line before sunrise, did
not get their vote deposited until a short time
before the polls closed. Very few whites voted,
and the Republican ticket was elected by a large

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