Harper's Weekly 09/28/1867


We give on this page one of the scenes lately
made familiar in the South—a registration, not
an election, scene. The late slaves of the South
have exhibited unusual interest in the work of
registration, their first necessary step toward se-
curing the privilege of suffrage which they esti-
mate so highly Our sketch was made from an
actual scene in the little mountain town of Ashe-
ville, North Carolina, but it will as well apply to
all parts of the South.


The work of registration has been going on
for several months past, and has been completed
in several of the States; and the result shows
that in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas
the colored voters are in the majority, and, being
united in opinion and policy, can easily control
the elections in those States. The white major-
ity in Virginia is not great; in North Carolina
it promises to be less; and South Carolina, Flor-
ida, Arkansas, and Mississippi will probably be
controlled by the colored vote; so that in all
probability the colored voters, even without the
assistance of the loyal whites, will carry in the
approaching State, as well as in future national
contests, eight out of the ten unconstructed

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