Harper's Weekly 10/26/1867


Elections were held on October 8, in Ohio, Iowa,
and Pennsylvania. The race was closely contested in
Ohio, where the Republican candidate for Governor
was elected by a majority of only about 3000. The
Democrats gained several members of the Legislature;
enough, it is thought, to secure the return of a Demo-
cratic Senator to Congress in the place of Mr. Wade.
The negro suffrage amendment was, we regret to say,
defeated by a considerable majority in consequence of
the apathy of its friends. In Pennsylvania the con-
test was merely over a judgeship, and was less excit-
ing and interesting, politics not entering so largely
into the issue as in Ohio and Iowa. The Democratic
candidate was elected by a meagre majority—the vote
of the city in which he resided, and in which he was
personally very popular, turning the scale in his favor.
In Iowa the Republican candidate was elected by the
usual heavy majority.

New Orleans is building school-houses for her col-
ored children, and has lately appropriated $75,000 for
that wise purpose. White and black are to be edu-
cated separately.

Statistics of colored education in Virginia show that
ten thousand negroes in the State have learned how
to read during the past year.

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