Harper's Weekly 11/30/1867


General Lovell H. Rousseau telegraphs that he
reached Sitka, in our new Russian possessions, on Oc-
tober 18; the transfer of the territory followed on the
same day, and the protocol was executed on October
26. General Rousseau had reached Victoria on his
way to his command at Portland, Oregon, on Novem-
ber 16.

Official returns of the Kansas election show the ma-
jority against negro suffrage in the most populous
counties is 7568, and against female suffrage 8455.

A brilliant meteoric shower, pronounced by Pro-
fessor Loomis, of Yale College, superior to that of
1833, was observed in various parts of the United
States on Thursday, November 14, at 4 o'clock A. M.

The report of the General Land Office Commission-
er shows, among other things, that the United States
is 3000 miles in advance of England on our routes to
China, Japan, and the Indies. There are 1,400,000,000
acres of public land undisposed of, in which is included
our Walrussian purchase; and there are 37,000 miles of
railroad already completed, which, counting from the
time of commencing to build them, averages 1000 miles
a year. There are 17,860 miles in course of construc-

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