Harper's Weekly 06/27/1868


The Important legislation of the week has been the
adoption of the bill restoring the Southern States.
The bill, as passed by the Senate on June 11, and by
the House on June 12, admits the States of North
Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Flor-
ida, and Alabama to representation in either House.
and restores them to all the rights of self-government
which they abandoned by their rebeltion of 1861. Ar-
kansas and Tennessee, having already been restored.
this bill, when it shall have received the President's
signature or been passed over his veto will leave only
Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas to be dealt with.
The conditions on which these six States have been
admitted are briefly as follows; Their Legislatures
must have ratified the Fourteenth Amendment, for-
ever abolishing slavery, and the new Constitutions
must guarantee that there shall never be any dental
or abridgment of the elective franchise on account of
race or color, Indians not taxed excepted. Georgia
was required to strike out the provisions in her Con-
stitution preventing the enforcement of contracts made
prior to June, 1865. All the States except Georgia
are to be admitted when the President shall proclaim
the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment by the
Legislature, which it is made his duty to do within
ten days after receiving notice to that effect. An
amendment provides that immediately upon the open-
ing of the President's proclamation the State officers
duly elected shall be installed in office, but that no
person prohibited by the Fourteenth Amendment from
holding office shall be eligible.

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