Harper's Weekly 02/13/1869


January 25:

In the Senate, the bill for the repeal of the Tenure-
of-Office Act was reported from the Retrenchment
Committee, with an amendment giving the President
power to remove or suspend Cabinet officers during a
recess of the Senate, and to suspend all civil officers
during such recess without specific charges.—The ma-
jority of the Judiciary Committee reported against
the claim of Joshua Hill, of Georgia, to a seat in the

January 28:

In the House, a resolution was adopted instructing
the Reconstruction Committee to inquire into and re-
port as to what further action should be taken in re-
gard to the representation of Georgia.

January 29:

In the Senate, a bill providing for the reduction of
the army was passed.—A bill was passed appointing
a committee of five to inquire what legislation is nec-
essary to secure the taking of a new census.

January 30:

In the Senate, the Pension, the Naval, and the Mil-
itary Academy appropriation bills were passed.

In the House, the joint resolution proposing an
amendment to the Constitution declaring that “the
right of any citizen of the United States to vote shall
not be denied or abridged by the United States, or
any State, by reason of race, or color, or previous con-
dition of slavery,” was passed, 150 to 42.

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