Harper's Weekly 02/27/1869


February 8:

In the House, the Senate amendments to the bill
regulating copper duties were agreed to.

February 9:

In the Senate, Mr. Wilson's Suffrage Amendment
was passed—31 to 27—providing that no discrimina-
tion shall be made in the exercise of elective fran-
chise, or in the right to hold office on account of race,
color, nativity, property, education, or creed.

February 10:

In the House, both branches of Congress witnessed
the counting of the electoral votes. The Houses sep-
arated twice; the first time to decide upon the count-
ing of the electoral vote of Georgia, both branches de-
termining to count; but upon the division in regard
to Georgia, the Senate determined to count the vote
of that State, while the House refused. The whole
matter goes thus upon the record. The result gave
Grant and Colfax 214 votes, counting Georgia, and
Seymour and Blair 80 votes.

February 11:

In the Senate, the bill to secure equal rights in the
District of Columbia, by striking the word “white”
from the city charters of Washington, was passed.

February 12:

In the Senate, the appropriation for removing the
obstructions at Hell Gate was reduced to $215,000.

In the House, a bill was passed to pay the officers
and crew of the Kearsarge $190,000 prize-money-the
value of the pirate Alabama. The bill providing for
the building of a railroad from Washington to New
York was passed—100 to 54.

February 13:

In the House, a bill was passed to prevent National
Banks loaning money on United States notes or Na-
tional Bank notes as collateral security.

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