Harper's Weekly 01/22/1870


January 4.

Both Houses organized by the choice
of Democratic officers. In the Senate Mr. Tweed of-
fered a joint resolution to repeal that of last session
by which the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitu-
tion of the United States was ratified. The resolution
was made a special order for the next day. Notice
was given of a bill to repeal the Excise law. In the
Assembly, among other resolutions offered, was one
expressing sympathy with the Cuban revolutionists.

January 5.

In the Senate, after a warm debate, the
resolution relating to the Fifteenth Amendment was
passed by a vote of yeas 16, nays 13. In the Assembly
the resolution was also passed by a vote of yeas 69,
nays 56. Among the measures introduced were bills
to repeal the “Conspiracy act,” the Excise law, to
amend the Metropolitan Police law, and compel gas
companies to report annually to the Comptroller.

January 6.

No business of importance was trans-
acted in either House, and the Legislature adjourned
over to January 11.

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