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Harper's Weekly 02/19/1870


It is a curious and interesting fact that with
the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment, and
the close of the great series of measures of re-
construction which formally end the war, a liv-
ing symbol of the victory of equal rights which
has been achieved should appear in the Senate
of the United States in the person of Mr. Re-
, the colored Senator from Mississippi. It
is no less striking and significant that the pa-
pers which always toadied the great slave-driv-
ers in Congress gibe and sneer at the new Sen-
ator, not because of any want of capacity, any
fault of character, or any defect of manner, but
solely because of color. If Mr. Revels shall
prove to be as shallow as Mr. Wigfall, as ar-
rogant as Mr. Toombs, as false to his country as
Mr. Jefferson Davis; and if, like those an-
cient Democratic Senators and all their breth-
ren, he shall devote all his energies to the per-
petuity and extension of the most un-Ameri-
can, the most disastrous, and the most inhuman
policy that was ever proposed in the Legisla-
ture of a civilized nation, we shall agree that
the Democratic gibes are well deserved.

If, on the other hand, he shall modestly and
steadily continue to support the great principles
to which his life has been devoted—if he shall
continue to do all that he can to elevate and en-
lighten the most unfortunate class of American
citizens, to establish securely that policy of
equal rights among the people which is alone
truly American and democratic, to cultivate
universal sympathy and fraternity, and to hold
the Union to the great and humane purposes
for which it is declared in the Constitution to
be established—if he proves by his Senatorial
course his faith in popular government, in lib-
erty, in justice, as the best guarantees of civili-
zation and progress, and the greatest good of
the greatest number, he will do what neither
Mr. Wigfall, nor Mr. Toombs, nor Mr. Sli-
, nor Mr. Mason, nor Mr. Jefferson Da-
, nor any of the Democratic Senators ever
did, and will commend himself, as they certain-
ly never did, to the grateful remembrance and
honor of his fellow-citizens.

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