Harper's Weekly 04/23/1870


The new charter for this city was passed by the
Senate of the State Legislature on the 5th inst., and
was immediately signed by Governor Hoffman. In
accordance with its provisions, Mayor Hall has ap-
pointed the heads of the several departments, giving
the Democrats a majority on every Board except the
Police Board, which consists of two Democrats and
two Republicans. The Superintendent of Police is to
be a Democrat.

The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has in-
structed assessors not to furnish the income lists for

A number of election clerks in California refuse to
register colored men as voters until the opinion of the
Attorney-General of the State is received in regard to
the constitutionality of the Fifteenth Amendment!

A very spirited demonstration in honor of the Fif-
teenth Amendment was made by the colored popula-
tion of this city on the 8th inst. The procession was
large and orderly, and presented a fine appearance.

The Connecticut election resulted in a majority of
about seven hundred votes for Mr. English, the Dem-
ocratic candidate for Governor.

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